NikoNiko Cat calligraphy

“Calmly, Diligently, Not too seriously, With a smile”

God is Love calligraphy

Ultimate question: What is God? It is said that only God is real. Enlightened people invariably says, “Only love is real.” Then, God must be Love.

Moh-Ko-Ri-Ta calligraphy

Japanese pronouciation: “moh-ko-ri-ta” I believe this motto is Shudo Denmei sensei’s favorite. He says that often he gives the best treatment when he is completely immmersed in the treatment. I believe we do the best work when we forget about ourselves and just think for someone else. That is often when we are totally present. In other words, we shine the most when we are egoless.

Nichijou calligraphy

I think that “growing up” means to appreciate daily life, or to be able to appreciate every moment of daily life. How precious that is! I can see. I can hear. I can walk. I can eat. I can drive. I can talk. I can eat with my children. I can laugh with them. Oh, how joyous that moment is! Nothing cannot be taken for granted. Every step I take is not the same step I have taken before. Everyday is filled with special “same old same old”, and I am tested every moment if I am appreciating that special “same old “.

Issun wo terrasu calligraphy

Literally this means “to illuminate one corner.” It is a quote by Saicho, famous Japanese Buddhist monk in 8th century. To illuminate the corner where you are is another way of saying “do the best wherever you are”, which is actually all you can do anyway. By doing the very best where you are, if everyone does the same, the whole world would become a better place. My translation is simply “Shine where you are”, and I believe you get the sense.


This is a basic philosophy of Confucianism. In order to have a world peace, each country must be ruled by good order. In order for that, each household should have good harmony inside. In order for that, each one must control oneself. Therefore, self-control is the base for a peace for the world! It is said that there is no more greater thing to the world than having one enlightened person.

Ai ichi gen calligraphy

Quite a few NDE (near death experience) survivors testify that only Love is real. If so, then, what is the rest? It’s all Maya or illusion. Then, what is the purpose of life? I’ll let you answer this question yourself.

banji tettei calligraphy

When we get lost, or stuck in life, is there any clue to getting out of it? Yes, there is. All we have to do is, no matter how trivial that is, to put everything you got in whatever you are doing right now. It could be something like toilet cleaning, changing diapers,or washing dishes. Without thinking anything, or with completely empty mind, do your very best at the present task. Something good happens.