Baby Power

Publisher: NAJOM
By Bunzo Takamatsu
Date: 2020-05

Late at night on February 24, 2006, my sixth child was born. As usual, it was a home birth. I thought by now we should be able to do this all by ourselves, but my wife wasn’t comfortable with the idea, and we ended up having a midwife after all. Although it is not for me to say, it was by all means the easiest labor thus far. But rest assured, I am finished with the production of babies.

I give moxibustion the biggest credit for my wife’s successful labor. Especially in the last month of her pregnancy, I performed moxibustion on her every single day. The points I treated were BL-23, BL-32, SP-6, Kl-6 and BL-67. At BL-67, I made sure the heat went deep inside the point. The baby came out nine minutes after my wife’s water broke. Once the baby’s head appeared, the rest of her body followed with a kind of ease we never experienced before. She weighed 8 pounds and 6 ounces. My wife’s condition after labor was also the best ever. She didn’t have the severe pain she suffered last time from the shrinking uterus. The wakame soup her friend made greatly helped alleviate her anemic condition. And though it was not the only factor, my wife felt the moxibustion contributed more than anything to her easy labor. Next to macrobiotics, in terms of its efficacy, ease, and safety, I believe moxibustion is the best home remedy.

We may or may not be unusual, but we don’t have any health insurance. I have been taking care of my family’s health problems. None of my children has ever been innoculated. As a healer, I believe I should be responsible for my own health and that of my family. I don’t deny modern medicine. If I am ever in an automobile accident and badly injured, I would not hesitate to go to a hospital, but so far, we have been lucky enough not to need modern medical treatments.

I often think a healer’s biggest challenge is to treat his or her spouse. My wife has never been strong, and since our marriage I have found occasion to treat her. It’s a miracle that she gave birth six times. I think it’s thanks to me that she has managed this feat. But she says she would not have had this many children if she had not married me. Thanks to me, she says, she had to give birth six times! Good point. Anyhow, I learned a lot in treating her various conditions. In a sense, it can be said that a healer is a black belt when he can heal his spouse.

Finally, I shall talk about my baby. She is my savior. For the six months before she was born I was having a very difficult time. To make a long story short, we had several challenging events in that half year: my second son’s trouble with his classmates in school, changing his school, selling the house, buying a new house, moving, and litigation on the house. Due to ongoing litigation, we could not sell our house even though we had willing buyers. As a result, we had to pay double mortgages for several months. We finally entered into mediation, but for a good while we had no idea when the problem would be resolved. My wife and I discussed the issue many nights in vain and sighed over our misfortune. We felt completely powerless. I was getting depressed and very negative about everything. The baby was born right in the middle of this chaos.

She was helpful from the beginning, as if she already knew about our difficult situation and tried not to be another burden on us. As a matter of fact, she lightened my burdens. When I came home from work and looked at her, all the problems weighing on me started looking small. I felt like I could forgive and accept everything my life was giving me. Often, tears came out of my eyes when I looked at her innocent face, and I realized that I was being healed. She freed me from the curse called pessimism. That is why she is my savior.

I wonder how she does this. She has no intention to heal me, but does it just by being there. Her presence itself is very healing. In a sense, this is the ultimate stage as a healer, or at least I would like to become a healer like that. I don’t care how many lifetimes it will take. My goal in the next lifetime and ever after will always be this. I thank my baby for giving me a great goal and I thank my wife for giving birth to her.

Takamatsu Bunzo, DOM, LAc, graduated from the Kototama Institute, Santa Fe, NM in 1982. He has been practicing in Dallas since 1988. His practice consists of acupuncture and moxibus tion with some Sotai therapy and macrobiotic counseling.